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Cosmetic Dentist - Woodstock, GA

Woman with perfect smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry in Woodstock

Is there anything you would like to change about your smile? Perhaps you want your teeth to be whiter, or maybe you’re ready to get rid of that pesky chip or gap that has bothered you for years. No matter what you need to achieve your perfect smile, our cosmetic dentist in Woodstock, Dr. Haren Patel can provide it using custom cosmetic dentistry plans. Combining both art and science, he can eliminate any flaw you can imagine and give you a set of teeth you’re always proud to show off. To get started, all you need to do is contact Dream Dental today.


Woman in dental chair smiling with tooth color chart

A flawless smile can actually be easy to achieve. In just two short dental office visits, you can completely transform your smile with dental veneers. These simple porcelain shells allow our team to create a flawless smile from even the most chipped, cracked, stained, and gapped teeth. We simply custom craft these thin veneers to fit into position over the front facing surfaces of teeth, delivering beautiful smiles you’ll be proud to share. Durable and stain resistant, veneers allow patients to achieve the gorgeous smiles of their dreams in just a few short dental office visits.

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Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Close up of dental mirror next to a person smiling

Metal-free dental restorations enable us to repair damaged and decayed front teeth to create a smile that is not only strong and reliable, but beautiful as well. They are made of 100% dental porcelain, which is well known for its durability and ability to resemble real enamel (even down to how it reflects light). Using this material, we can create a restoration that is so lifelike, even our patients have trouble telling them apart from their real teeth!

Dental Bonding

Close up of woman receiving dental bonding on a front tooth

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and effective way to improve the look of your smile, then look no further than direct bonding! With this treatment, Dr. Patel can take care of stains, chips, and gaps in as little as an hour. First, he’ll apply a color-match composite resin to your tooth, and then he’ll literally sculpt it into the ideal shape and size. It’s just that easy! Not only is this treatment fast, but it’s also entirely painless, plus the results can be trusted to last for up to a decade.

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Teeth Whitening

Person using an at home teeth whitening kit

Want to make your smile six, seven, or even eight shades whiter while you just sit and relax at home? Now you can thanks to one of our custom-made take-home teeth whitening kits. We’ll provide you with a set of mouth trays designed to fit your smile and a bleaching gel much stronger than anything you can buy at the store. Simply use the kit every day for about two weeks while you’re surfing the web or watching TV, and you’ll be amazed at how much better your smile looks!

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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Person looking confused surrounded by question marks

Investing in your self-esteem by scheduling a cosmetic dental procedure is a big decision to make, but it’s well worth it. At Dream Dental, our team will guide you along every step of the process to make sure that you feel 100% confident in your decision to beautify your grin and improve your oral health. For your convenience, we’ve answered some common questions we receive from our patients below.




What are the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Your cosmetic dentist in Woodstock, Dr. Haren Patel, offers a variety of procedures that suit countless patients’ needs by offering fast, in-office, and trusted results that make you feel better about your smile. Depending on the unique cosmetic flaws that you face and what desires you’d like to achieve, you can choose one or more of our services. Here are some of the most common cosmetic procedures that our patients get:

  • Metal-free dental restorations.
  • Dental Bonding.
  • Professional teeth whitening.

For patients who suffer from a variety of imperfections, we also offer porcelain veneers, which can transform a single tooth or your entire smile, depending on your needs.

Will my dental insurance cover my cosmetic treatment?

Typically, dental insurance providers won’t cover cosmetic dental treatments because they’re not necessary to maintain the health of your mouth. However, there are a few exceptions to this. Certain services, such as dental bonding, can be considered both restorative as well as cosmetic, which means that your policy may cover a portion of the cost-- as long as the treatment is deemed necessary to improve or restore your oral health.

The best way to learn whether dental insurance will contribute to the cost of your treatment is to contact them directly. At Dream Dental, our team would be more than happy to help you do this.

Can teenagers benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

The ability to improve your smile isn’t just limited to adults. Certain cosmetic services can also help improve your teen’s oral health and confidence. For example, direct bonding is a fast and pain-free way to fill in hard-to-reach gaps that bacteria can accumulate in and complete their smile. That way, they feel more confident putting themselves out there to meet new friends at such a crucial developmental time in their lives.

How long will my cosmetic dental procedure take?

Everybody faces different cosmetic imperfections and has different desires for their smile. This means that no two procedures will be the same. At Dream Dental, Dr. Patel takes pride in developing detailed and completely customized timelines for each of his patients. He takes the time to learn your expectations and does his best to meet or exceed them.

Depending on what procedure you have done, you may have a single hour-long appointment or several visits. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel so he can make a timeline for you.